Unvaxxed Canadians to Face Special Tax to Support Country’s Public Funded Health Care

Quebec is planning a special tax for unvaccinated adults they’re calling a “health contribution.”

The Loathsome Ruling Class and the January 6th Protestors

On January 6, 2022, the governing and corporate media wing of the ruling class put on a sophomoric production commemorating the first anniversary of a contrived “insurrection.”  Self-righteous preening and blatant propagandizing amid a sea of lies were the hallmarks of the ceremony.

Americans Fear Biden’s Economy More Than COVID—Only 37% Worried About the Virus: AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research Poll

U.S. citizens no longer fear COVID, as majority 68% say economy is now biggest concern.

Vax Too Ineffective to Curb COVID Hospitalizations in U.S.

Highly vaccinated U.S. Covid-19 hospitalizations hit 138,000, nearing record.

Celebrity-Obsessed People Are Less Intelligent: Peer-Reviewed Study

Data show "celebrity worship was associated with lower performance on the cognitive tests."

Bible Podcasts Are Numbers 1 and 2 on Apple’s Chart: ‘Interest in the Bible Is Expanding’

The two most popular podcasts in the United States right now are not about sports, news or even pop culture. They're about the Bible.

False Positive DNA-Tech Testing is Leading to More Abortions.

A shocking new report shows that Silicon Valley firms have been provided false positives to expectant mothers, leading them in some instances to kill their unborn children.

It’s time for conservatives to treat Pfizer like Planned Parenthood

In late September, Tennessee state Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson returned a $1,000 check Pfizer PAC had donated for the 2020 election. He then proceeded to sponsor a sweeping bill that ended most vaccine and mask mandates, a bill that was ultimately signed by the governor. Good for him. Now it’s time for the thousands of other state and federally elected Republicans to do the same.

Swalwell Caught Maskless in Florida After Blaming Republicans for ‘Prolonging’ COVID

California Rep. Eric Swalwell has become just the latest in a long line of left-wing hypocrites who’ve fled their own tyrannically locked down locales for the liberty-loving Sunshine State, partying maskless and fancy-free after spending months slamming anti-mandate Republicans like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as grandma-killing monsters.

Unvaxxed Americans’ Confidence Is Growing as Vax Proves Ineffective at Curbing COVID Rates: Morning Consult Poll

The unvaccinated are becoming less worried about Covid-19 over time, as questions are raised about the vaccine's efficacy.

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