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George Soros-Backed District Attorney Candidates Sweep Elections

Far-left district attorney candidates who appeared on November ballots and received backing from billionaire George Soros have swept their elections, according to a nationwide search of records and election results.

Biden Says Americans Who Want to Keep Independence Would ‘Need an F-15’

Biden specifically mentioned "right-wing Americans."

Setting the Record Straight: Christian University Rebukes Newsweek and Appeals to Public Not to Fall Prey to False Reporting

In response to the secular media Newsweek's continuous inflammatory and libelous reporting about Olivet University (OU) - the Christian university now has stepped forward to set the record straight through a statement it made on July 7th.

Disney’s ‘Lightyear’—Film with Same-Sex Kiss—Flops in Opening Weekend

“Lightyear,” the latest film from Disney’s Pixar, didn’t make it to infinity and beyond this weekend.

Mark Zuckerberg Sued for Facebook Privacy Failures

D.C.’s attorney general is suing Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg over the company’s misleading privacy policies and failure to protect user data.

Exclusive–Clay Higgins: DHS Chief Mayorkas Carrying Out ‘Insidious Agenda’ to Transform America With Illegal Immigration

Mayorkas is currently carrying out an “insidious agenda” to transform the United States with illegal immigration.

DeSantis $70 Million Fatherhood Support Bill Signed Into Law

The funding will give Floridians assistance through community-based programs that offer mentoring and other support.

Pandemic Relief Money Spent on Hotel, Ballpark, Ski Slopes

Thanks to a sudden $140 million cash infusion, officials in Broward County, Florida, recently broke ground on a high-end hotel that will have views of the Atlantic Ocean and an 11,000-square-foot spa.

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