Bill Gates Contributes to Deforestation Efforts for the Sake of Climate Change

Host of Epoch TV’s Crossroads Joshua Philipp reported that Bill Gates’s company Breakthrough Energy Ventures is a large contributor to deforestation efforts.

Gates and others have given $6.6 million to California company Kodama Systems, which aims to serve the net zero climate agenda.

Kodama Systems plans to deforest an estimated 70 million acres and bury the biomass rather than use the material for lumber.

Scientists claim “burying trees can reduce global warming,” according to a video from Philipp.

Another investor in the project is Jackie Kossman, a partner at Congruent Ventures.

Kossman previously worked for In-Q-Tel, a venture capital firm used by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Reporting from Olivia Murphy of American Thinker:

The obvious reality is, that at some point, “scientists” and “experts” promised there was a problem, and the solution was “fire suppression” policies. Things went from copacetic, to imbalanced — they created a problem where one didn’t exist! Now, “scientists” and “experts” are saying we need to chop down trees and bury them? These ideas are becoming more and more ludicrous by the minute. It took me all of .41 seconds to find a litany of pro-climate change sources highlighting the importance of “deadwood” in the health of forests and the ecosystem as a whole… so we should strip it all away? Start the clock, because it’s only a matter of time before MIT publishes another article, touting some “novel” idea to fix the “overly aggressive carbon reduction policies” of 2023.