Hospitals & Healthcare began with Christian Charity – American Minute with Bill Federer

 The Byzantine Empire's School of Nisibis, founded in the 4th century, sometimes referred to as the world's first university, was a Christian center of scientific and medical learning, located in...

Trump and Biden Secure Party Nominations, Setting Stage for 2020 Election Rematch

Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden have officially secured their party nominations for the upcoming presidential election in November, setting the stage...

Biden’s State of the Union 2024 to Air Thursday

President Biden is set to deliver his final State of the Union address for his first term on Thursday evening.

Super Tuesday Showdown: Trump and Biden Sweep Primaries, Set for Fall Rematch

In the Super Tuesday primaries, Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden emerged as clear frontrunners in their respective party races, signaling a...

Ohio Gov. Vetoes Legislation Banning Trans Surgeries, Protecting Girls’ Sports

Governor Mike DeWine (R-OH) vetoed legislation that prohibited transgender surgeries for minors and prevented biological males from competing in girls' sports.

Police Arrest Over 70 Individuals in Human Trafficking Sting Operation

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police arrested 74 individuals in a sting operation.

North Dakota Upholds Ban on Transgender Surgeries for Minors

A North Dakotan judge dismissed a request to stop a law that prohibits sex-change surgeries and hormone therapy for minors.

Over 3,500 Minors Underwent Transgender Surgery Between 2016 and 2020

A study from the Journal of the American Medical Association estimated that 48,019 Americans underwent transgender surgeries between 2016 and 2020.

U.S. Imports from Russia More than Double Despite Biden’s Tough Talk

"Responsible nations have to come together to hold these perpetrators accountable," Biden told a Washington crowd in April 2022. "We will keep raising the economic cost and ratchet up the pain for Putin and further increase Russia's economic isolation."

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