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Democrat State Senator Called ‘Groomer’ For Supporting of Drag Show Event for Minors

A Democratic state senator was blasted as a "groomer" and "depraved" for boasting about supporting a drag queen event for minors.

Michigan Democrat State House Candidate Previously Arrested for ‘Threat of Terrorism’

Michigan Democrat nominee arrested and charged with a "threat of terrorism" for a desire to carry out a school shooting.

Tim Allen Trolls ‘Wokees,’ Asks the Question Everyone Is Wondering About This Group

Tim Allen trolled those he labeled “wokees” as he asked the question that has most likely been on everyone’s mind: “Who is the face of woke?”

Twitter ‘Mistakenly’ Censors News Site for Report on 13-Year-Old Dying Days After COVID Vaccine

Twitter locked the account of the National File, a national populist news website, for reporting on a tweet from Tami Burages, a woman who says her 13-year old nephew died three days after receiving a second dose of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine. Twitter later said the account had been locked in error and reinstated it.

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