Democrat State Senator Called ‘Groomer’ For Supporting of Drag Show Event for Minors

A Democratic state senator was blasted as a “groomer” and “depraved” for boasting about supporting a drag queen event for minors.

Democratic Pennsylvania State Sen. Steve Santarsiero on Thursday posted on Twitter a letter he sent to all state senators in response to proposed legislation that seeks to ban drag shows on public property or in areas seen by minors.

Santarsiero began by saying that he disagrees with the proposed anti-drag show legislation and then proceeded to say that he takes particular exception to “the distorted characterization” of a drag queen event that he sponsored. The event occurred at a Planned Parenthood-sponsored youth program called the “Rainbow Room,” which is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

“I take particular exception to his distorted characterization of the Rainbow Room’s Queer Prom, a dance specifically arranged for LGBTQ+ youth in Bucks County.”

“The Rainbow Room, which Planned Parenthood established over 20 years ago to be a safe place for LGTQ+ youth to come together and build self-esteem, first held the prom in February 2020.”

“So, having an organization like the Rainbow Room and an event like the Queer Prom can very literally save the lives of kids who otherwise experience feelings of depression and isolation,” I can share from personal experience that Ronni and I are deeply indebted to the Rainbow Room for how it helped our son on the road to becoming the confident young man that he is.”

The post was met with widespread backlash.

“You are the most depraved Senator I have met. You sponsored a Drag queen show for 13 year old and gift bag that contains condoms, planned parenthood???? You are a pathetic individual to actually sponsor that! Unless this is a lie, I will make sure other minority voters see this,” one user said.

“Resign!!!,” another user said.

“The issue isn’t whether to support LGBTQ youth. We all want them supported. We also want them kept safe, we don’t want them exposed to grossly inappropriate things for their ages, and we don’t want them reduced to nothing but their sexuality,” one user said.

“ok groomer,” one person quipped.

“Not a good look to support grooming,” another responded.

“I am gay & a former gay youth, & I was horrified to see a video of a Rainbow Room director/ consultant engaging in vicious racist attacks on all white people.  White LGB youth deserve a safe space where they are not subject to a hostile environment.  You made a terrible mistake,” one user said.

Fox News Digital reached out to Santarsiero for a comment, but he has not yet responded. 

The queer prom event Santarsiero sponsored featured lube, condoms, and a drag queen show for minors, Libs of TikTok reported. It was open to minors starting at age 14 and offered goodie bags of “Condoms, lube, dental dams, latex dam[s].” 

Planned Parenthood offers comprehensive sex education at “Rainbow Room” locations.

Fox News Digital previously reported that an executive director at Planned Parenthood’s sex education arm – Bill Taverner – claimed that children are born “sexual” while simultaneously advocating for comprehensive sex education from kindergarten through 12th grade and porn literacy for certain ages. 

Planned Parenthood took home over $600 million in taxpayer dollars from reimbursements and grants, according to its 2021 report.

Fox News’ Hannah Grossman contributed to this report.