Trump Celebrates Supreme Court Dismissal of Biden Business Vax Mandate

Donald Trump issued a statement in support of the Supreme Courts’ decision to shut down Biden’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

Omicron Symptoms Less Severe in Unvaxxed: National Institute of Communicable Diseases

Study comparing thousands of patients shows unvaccinated people infected with Omicron Covid-19 variant are less prone to severe illness, requiring hospital care, or dying.

Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s Vax Mandate, Upholds Healthcare Worker Mandate

The Supreme Court came to a decision on the two Biden administration vaccine mandates, striking down the requirement for large businesses and upholding the requirement for healthcare workers. 

Highly Vaxxed Europe Must Now Mask Outdoors

Covid-19 vaccine not effective enough to keep Europe from implementing even stricter mask mandates.

Supreme Court Blocks Business Vaccine Rule, Declines to Stay Health Care Worker Mandate

The Supreme Court on Thursday blocked the Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for private businesses but decided to let a separate regulation that requires health care workers to get a vaccine take effect.

ICE loses track of more than 47,000 illegal immigrants released into the U.S. since March

The migrants were given directions to report to ICE offices within 60 days of their apprehensions, about half did not

Controversial Transgender Swimmer Finally Defeated—by Another Transgender Swimmer

University of Pennsylvania transgender swimmer Lia Thomas’ winning streak was broken Jan. 8 by a Yale competitor who, ironically, also identifies as transgender.

‘I Will Willfully Go to Jail’: Tennessee Mayor Vows to Defy Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

“Maury County government will not comply with any OSHA mandate that forces an employee to be vaccinated against their will,” he said. “It should be noted that I am not anti-vaccine, but your healthcare is your business and I will willfully go to jail before forcing any of you to take the vaccine.”

Top Democrat Suggests Lawmakers Should Sit In ‘Isolation Boxes’ if They Refuse to Follow Mask Mandate

A top Democrat is proposing a new solution to prevent lawmakers from ignoring the mask mandate.

Unvaxxed Canadians to Face Special Tax to Support Country’s Public Funded Health Care

Quebec is planning a special tax for unvaccinated adults they’re calling a “health contribution.”

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