G20 Leaders Sign Agreement to Use Vax Passports to ‘Facilitate’ International Travel

The passports are expected to be issued through the World Health Organization (WHO).

  • Signatures of the G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration agreed to support “efforts to strengthen prevention and response to future pandemics.”
  • Included in their agreed-upon efforts, was the promise to work on a “framework” to “facilitate seamless international travel, interoperability, and recognizing digital solutions and non-digital solutions, including proof of vaccinations.”
  • The same declaration included signatories’ “commitment” to the “long-term financial resilience” for “international financial architecture.”
  • Netherlands’ Queen Máxima has been vigorously promoting Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and made a “passionate plea” supporting digital conversions of money while in Bali.
  • The White House published a copy of the G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration, stating: “We recognize the need for strengthening local and regional health product manufacturing capacities and cooperation as well as sustainable global and regional research and development networks to facilitate better access to VTDs globally, especially in developing countries, and underscore the importance of public-private partnership, and technology transfer and knowledge sharing on voluntary and mutually agreed terms. We support the WHO mRNA Vaccine Technology Transfer hub as well as all as the spokes in all regions of the world with the objective of sharing technology and technical know-how on voluntary and mutually agreed terms. We welcome joint research and joint production of vaccines, including enhanced cooperation among developing countries. We acknowledge the importance of shared technical standards and verification methods, under the framework of the IHR (2005), to facilitate seamless international travel, interoperability, and recognizing digital solutions and non-digital solutions, including proof of vaccinations. We support continued international dialogue and collaboration on the establishment of trusted global digital health networks as part of the efforts to strengthen prevention and response to future pandemics, that should capitalize and build on the success of the existing standards and digital COVID-19 certificates.”
  • “The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transformation of the digital ecosystem and digital economy. We recognize the importance of digital transformation in reaching the SDGs. We acknowledge that affordable and high-quality digital connectivity is essential for digital inclusion and digital transformation, while a resilient, safe and secure online environment is necessary to enhance confidence and trust in the digital economy. We recognize the importance of policies to create an enabling, inclusive, open, fair and non-discriminatory digital economy that fosters the application of new technologies, allows businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive, and protects and empowers consumers, while addressing the challenges, related to digital divides, privacy, data protection, intellectual property rights, and online safety. We acknowledge the importance to counter disinformation campaigns, cyber threats, online abuse, and ensuring security in connectivity infrastructure. We remain committed to further enable data free flow with trust and promote cross-border data flows. We will advance a more inclusive, human-centric, empowering, and sustainable digital transformation. We also reaffirm the role of data for development, economic growth and social well-being.”
  • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently donated $200 million to the United Nations’ global digital ID system, American Faith previously reported.
  • Investigative journalist Corey Lynn has emphasized the dangers of vaccine passports, specifically as it relates to the establishment of the global digital ID system.
  • “Simply put, the pandemic is to mandate an experimental gene therapy that the CDC likes to refer to as a ‘vaccine,’” Lynn explained on her blog. “That ‘vaccine’ is for the purpose of getting everyone onto a vaccine ID passport. The passport is to force everyone into the new global social credit system.”
  • The move toward international digital reliance is taking place in currency as well, as banks have partnered with the New York Federal Reserve to test a digital dollar program where they work with dollar tokens instead of a cash system.
  • The push for digital currency has raised questions among conservatives concerned the banking system could use access to digital funds as a way of manipulating citizens.
  • The United States federal reserve has been pushing “climate change” dogma onto banks, potentially creating a foundation for a Chinese- style social credit score system.
  • Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo are all said to be “assessing their exposure to climate risks through a pilot program.”