U.S. Federal Reserve Now Pushing ‘Climate Change’ Dogma onto Banks: Locking Americans Into CCP-Style Social Credit Score System?

Will Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo punnish American account holders who don’t believe climate change doctrine?

From The New York Times:

Six of America’s largest banks will assess their exposure to climate risks through a pilot program next year, the Federal Reserve Board announced on Thursday, as regulators push to ensure that large financial companies are resilient to emerging threats.

Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo are participating in the climate scenario analysis program, the Fed said, noting that the plan is “designed to enhance the ability of supervisors and firms to measure and manage climate-related financial risks.”


In the analysis, financial institutions will be assessed under hypothetical climate scenarios, with the exercise starting early next year and concluding by the end of 2023. The Fed will publish “details of the climate, economic and financial variables” that are being examined at the start of the process, it said.

The move is being compared to China’s draconian social credit system, which allows the Chinese government to rank and penalize citizens who make purchases the Party disapproves of.

From World Net Daily:

Online, the agenda was being described an as "ESG social credit score system."

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and is an agenda that weighs all factors for businesses on the scale of climate change and climate engineering attempts.


China already has installed a comprehensive social credit scoring system, even for individuals, and failing its requirements can mean being denied credit, travel, employment and more.

Some see the climate change narrative as a “hoax” used by globalist elites to scare populations into accepting the goals of said elites.

From Dossier:

The Fed is clearly leaning in to the climate hoax narrative, or the pseudoscientific idea that humans are catastrophically impacting the climate, but not because they somehow care about the environment. The climate narrative is the chief rhetorical facilitator for the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) movement. 

ESG acts as a trojan horse for the continuing centralization of the American financial system. ESG finance, popularized by hyper political asset management behemoths like BlackRock and Vanguard, acts to prevent outsiders from challenging the regime-connected insiders on Wall Street and in Washington, under the guise of acting to manifest a healthier planet. In other words, pro-ESG institutions are committed to attacking free market principles by means of deception, preferring the CCP-style “stakeholder capitalism” that allows for a small group of technocratic elites to make broad determinations about society.


The ESG “green transition,” frequently popularized by powerful world governments and the Davos elite, has served as the main vehicle for this movement. Akin to the Chinese social credit score, which is used to coerce businesses, and, by extension, individuals, into specific actions, ESG rules force individuals and businesses in America to deploy capital through the gatekeepers of the system.