Steep rise in US police deaths explained

A spike in law enforcement fatalities last year is linked to exposure to Covid in the line of duty and subsequent illness

‘Worse than the Civil war’: how fixation on Capitol riot makes America ignore its other major problem

Disparate reactions to left-wing protesters at the DOI versus the ones at the US Capitol show how biased the mainstream media truly is.

Trump’s Vax Support May Cost Him Victory in 2024: Opinion

Former supporters of Donald Trump who are virulently anti-vax are furious at the ex-president’s stance, and are vowing to support rival Republicans in the race to be the party’s candidate in two years’ time.

Globalist E.U. Flag Taken Down After Conservative Backlash in France

The flag of the European Union was removed from the Arc de Triomphe after protests from conservative politicians.

Police Chief Suspended For Helping Officers Dodge Vax Mandate

Two weeks unpaid leave and six weeks probation for helping officers obtain vaccine certificates without taking the jab.

Epstein’s ‘madam’ Maxwell is ‘sophisticated predator’ – prosecution

In their closing arguments, the prosecution in the sex trafficking trial of Ghislaine Maxwell painted the accused as a “crucial” partner to the late Jeffrey Epstein, one who “preyed on vulnerable kids.”

Voters blame inflation on Bidenomics

Inflation is racking the US economy, and voters blame President Biden. Twice as many people think his actions are hurting the economy as helping, and nearly half think his policies will push inflation even higher, a poll shows.

Ex-cop Derek Chauvin pleads guilty to violating George Floyd’s civil rights

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has pleaded guilty to violating the civil rights of George Floyd in the events that led to his death. Chauvin had already been convicted of murder and manslaughter.

First US soldiers get the boot for refusing Covid vax

Over two dozen US Air Force service members have been discharged for refusing to get vaccinated against Covid-19 – the first in the US military to be punished over President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate.

Facebook tech guru questions fight against misinformation

Attempts to turn social media into an exclusive club where only elites have a right to speak in the name of rooting out dangerous misinformation are fundamentally wrong, a senior Meta official said.

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