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Pastor Survives After Being Stabbed 7 Times Outside His House

Santa Ana, California’s Second Baptist Church‘s senior pastor, Ivan Pitts, was stabbed seven times on the morning of Feb. 24, 2022, outside is home in Long Beach.

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Sues OSHA Over Biden Vaccine Mandate

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) is joining a federal lawsuit against an OSHA ordinance that would require employers to enforce a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

‘Nothing Short of Child Sacrifice’: Pelosi’s Archbishop Says Her Pro-Abortion Bill Is What He’d Expect from a ‘Satanist’

The Archbishop of San Francisco issued a scathing statement saying the pro-abortion Women's Health Protection Act (HR 3755) passed by Congress is something he'd expect from a "devout Satanist" rather than a devoted Catholic.

Islamic Jihadists Kill Nearly 3,500 Nigerian Christians, Attack 300 Churches in 200 Days

A new report shows that a staggering number of Christians have been brutally killed by Nigeria's Islamic jihadists so far this year.

Conservative Baptist Network, Mike Stone Call for Resignation of SBC President Ed Litton

The Conservative Baptist Network of Southern Baptists (CBN) released a statement on July 20, 2021, calling for newly elected Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) President Ed Litton‘s resignation, citing recent reports that Litton plagiarized J.D. Greear’s sermon series on Romans. Greear had earlier responded to the reports, saying he had granted Litton permission to use the sermons.

Archaeologists Uncover City Wall From First Temple Times That Protected Ancient Jerusalem

Archaeologists excavating in the City of David National Park in Jerusalem have uncovered the remains of the city wall from First Temple times.

Supreme Court Decision in ‘Profane Cheerleader’ Case Valuable for Religious Freedom, Say Legal Experts

First Amendment free speech cases that reach the U.S. Supreme Court are never about inoffensive words, it seems.

Liberty University Alumna and 3X Cancer Survivor Wows ‘AGT’ Judges

Zansville, Ohio, native and former Liberty University student Jane Marczewski performed an original song on ‘America’s Got Talent‘ (AGT) Tuesday night and wowed the judges and audience with her voice and story.

Survey: Religion a Key Topic for Many Millennial Moms During Pandemic

Religion was an important topic of conversation between mothers and their children during the pandemic, according to an annual “State of Motherhood” survey from Motherly, a website focused on millennial motherhood.

Fox News Is Must-Watch for White Evangelicals, a Turnoff for Atheists: Hindus, Muslims Really Like CNN

Fox News possesses an “outsized influence” on the American public, especially among religious viewers.

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