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California County Cancels American Christian Heritage Month

Officials in a California county cancelled making July “American Christian Heritage Month” after a number of left-wing groups claimed the recognition of Christianity violated the U.S. Constitution.

Federal Judge Blocks Illinois Law Targeting Crisis Pregnancy Centers

A federal judge has blocked a new Illinois law that hurts crisis pregnancy centers in the state, saying that it violates the First Amendment.

Indiana’s Near Total Abortion Ban Goes Into Effect

With exceptions like cases of rape or incest in the first ten weeks, or in circumstances where the mother's health undergoes "substantial and irreversible physical impairment."

Legal Team Calls for Federal Investigation After Librarians Look To Censor Christians

After an official for the American Library Association allegedly provided recommendations for how librarians can limit Christians' freedom of speech, a legal team is calling for a federal investigation into the matter.

Trump Draws Crowd of 50,000 in Small South Carolina Town

Former President Donald Trump attracted a crowd significantly larger than the population of the town it was held in over the weekend.

U.N. ‘Expert’ Says Says Religious Beliefs Should Include LGBT Ideology

An "expert" with the United Nations has come out with a new report claiming religious freedom is "not incompatible" with the LGBT movement.

Portfolio Manager to Challenge JPMorgan Chase on Its Push to De-Bank Conservative, Faith-Based Groups

Portfolio manager David Bahnsen is to introduce a resolution to the shareholders of JPMorgan Chase, confronting the company for de-banking conservative and religious organizations.

God Bless Texas: Texas Senate Passes Bill to Display Ten Commandments in Public Schools

"Religious liberty was a bedrock of America's founding."

Coach Fired for Praying at Football Game Reinstated to Old Role, Gets Nearly $2 Million Settlement

Joseph Kennedy, a high school assistant football coach fired eight years ago for praying on the field with students, returned to his old position and will receive a $1.78 million settlement.

Michigan Supreme Court Considers Forcing Judges To Use ‘Preferred Pronouns’ For Attorneys

Michigan’s highest court is considering a rule change that would require judges to refer to attorneys and litigants by their preferred pronouns.

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