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‘How to Successfully, Affordably Treat COVID Patients’: Dr. Richard Bartlett (Video)

Dr. Bartlett explains how budesonide is effective at treating COVID-19 symptoms.

Why Russia Attacked Ukraine: In Russia’s Own Words

Russia says Ukraine has been committing "genocide" on Russians in disputed Ukrainian regions.

Order Out of Chaos: How the Ukraine Conflict Is Designed to Benefit Globalists

Within the next couple of months it is likely that there will be direct US military involvement in Ukraine, with Russia now openly supporting and recognizing separatist groups in the Donbass region on the eastern edge of the country and apparently moving to aid them militarily in separation.

Lawmakers Call for Investigation, Criticize Federally-Funded CRT Program

Republican lawmakers blasted a federally funded education program that trains researchers and teachers in critical race theory after The Center Square’s investigation broke news of the program. Now, one Florida U.S. Congressman is calling for an investigation into whether the program violates state law.

Ep. 4 – Interview with Matt and Joy Thayer

An interview with Matt and Joy Thayer, independent filmmakers, who's project, documenting Clay Clark's Re-Awaken America Tour is available at:

Canada’s Trudeau Ends Emergency Powers Invoked to Clear Protests (Watch)

"We are no longer in an emergency situation" in Ottawa, prime minister says.

Supreme Court Agrees to Take Up Colorado Religious Liberty Case

Supreme Court will hear '303 Creative LLC v. Elenis,' a case involving a Colorado web designer who argues that creating wedding websites celebrating same-sex marriage would violate her religious beliefs.

COVID’s Genetic Code Was Patented by Moderna Three Years Before Pandemic Began: Researchers

The spike protein found in COVID contains a sequence identical to a genetic code linked to a piece of a gene patented by Moderna three years before the pandemic emerged, researchers found.

Russia Says It Hit 74 Ukrainian Military Facilities

11 airfields, 3 command points, a Ukrainian Navy base, and 18 radar stations.

What Has Happened to My Beloved Canada?

When I was 11 years old, my family moved from our sunny home (the only home that I knew at that time) to the very rainy northwestern part of Washington State, only miles from the Canadian border and the province of British Columbia (BC).

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