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Biden Admin. Temporarily Restricted From Removing Razor Wire Along Southern Border

A federal judge temporarily banned the Biden administration from removing razor wire along the southern border this week.

Jan 6 Events Were a ‘Cover Up’: Ex-Capitol Police Chief

"If I was allowed to do my job as the chief, we wouldn't be here, this didn't have to happen," said ex-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund.

FBI Issues Statement Regarding Involvement in ‘Proud Boys’ Dispute

The FBI issued a statement Monday, denying they were involved in a fight that broke out during a Pride event in Oregon.

Trump Claims FBI ‘Stuffed’ Classified Material Into Evidence They Took During Raid

Former President Donald Trump suggested after the federal indictment last week that federal agents “stuffed” classified material into evidence that they collected from Mar-a-Lago after they raided the property last year.

Biden Defends Hunter In Recent Interview, ‘My Son’s Done Nothing Wrong’

President Biden defended his son during an interview Friday night on MSNBC, saying Hunter Biden has “done nothing wrong.”

Hunter Biden’s Lawyers To Meet With DOJ Officials

According to a new report, lawyers for Hunter Biden are set to meet with Department of Justice (DOJ) officials next week to discuss the criminal inquiry into the president’s son.

Hundreds of Former Federal Employees Work in Big Tech

The information from LinkedIn connects social media to the national security state.

Illegal Immigrant Crossings Spike At The Northern Border

Local authorities and state governments in the northeast U.S. are asking the federal government for more help as they deal with an influx of illegal immigrants crossing from Canada into the U.S.

Footage Proves Ray Epps Lied to Jan 6 Committee

Rumors that Epps is a member of intelligence persist.

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