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Yellowstone Actor Says He Was ‘Kicked Off’ Plane for Refusing to Sit By Masked Passenger

“Yellowstone” actor Forrie J. Smith said he was kicked off an airplane over the weekend because he refused to sit beside a masked passenger.... Read more.
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Former Justice Breyer Favors Age, Term Limits for Supreme Court

Former Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer says he's in favor of age limits for justices.... Read more.
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Country Music Stars Celebrate Tennessee Law Protecting Against AI

Country music stars celebrated a new Tennessee law protecting musicians against works of music using their voice created by artificial intelligence.... Read more.
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Squatters Arrested After Woman’s Body Found in Duffel Bag in NYC

Two people have been arrested after authorities found a body stuffed into a duffel bag.... Read more.
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Biden Admin. Launches ‘Resource Center’ to Help Authorities Take Firearms From Those Deemed ‘Threat to Themselves or Others’

President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice announced over the weekend the launch of the "National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center."... Read more.
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FAA Considers Eliminating New Routes Amid United Airlines Incidents

The Federal Aviation Administration is considering measures to more closely monitor United Airlines following a series of safety incidents among the airline.... Read more.
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Vice President Harris Pushes Gun Control During Parkland Visit

Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Parkland, Florida over the weekend to tour Stoneman Douglas High School, the site of 2018 mass shooting that killed 14 ... Read more.
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Young Teen Saves Over 100 People in Deadly Moscow Attack

A 15-year-old boy has been credited with saving over 100 people he led away from the terrorist massacre at a Moscow concert hall last week.... Read more.
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ISIS Claims Responsibility for Deadly Russian Attack

ISIS has claimed responsibility for an attack at a large concert hall in Russia that left more than 60 people dead and nearly 150 injured on Friday. ... Read more.