Oregon Public Schools Lose Nearly 30,000 Students, Switch to Private Education

Since the 2020 pandemic, almost 30,000 students left the Oregon public school system, 5% of its enrollment.

Amazon Announces Store Closures in High Crime Cities

Amazon has announced it will be closing several grocery stores in high crime cities like NYC, Seattle and San Francisco, but claims the measure is related to “cost-cutting.”

Walmart Closes Portland Locations, Crime to Blame

Walmart is to close its locations in Portland, Oregon, as the stores have not been meeting "financial expectations."

Walmart To Close Portland Locations After CEO’s Warnings on Crime

Walmart announced it is permanently closing all of its locations in Portland, Oregon, over financial reasons.

Sixty Schools Across Democrat-Run Illinois Have Zero Students Proficient in Reading, Math

A recent analysis revealed that nearly 60 schools in the state of Illinois had no students proficient in reading or math in 2022.

Leaked Letter Details James O’Keefe’s Response Following Indefinite No-Pay Suspension From Project Veritas

A leaked letter exclusively obtained by The Post Millennial reveals Project Veritas' founder James O'Keefe's statement to staffers on Monday after he was effectively removed from the organization by the board.

Idaho Lawmakers Approve Talks on Annexing Oregon Counties

Idaho lawmakers have approved a proposal to discuss adding several rural eastern Oregon counties to Idaho, with some seeing the move as an opportunity to access Oregon's resources while others express concerns about the financial and logistical implications of adding a large geographic area with few inhabitants.

Arizona Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to End Use of Voting Machines With Foreign Components

A proposed amendment to Arizona’s election laws approved by the state Senate Committee on Elections on Monday would require that voting machines be made entirely of components sourced in the United States.

Biden Administration Allowing States to Spend Medicaid Money on Food, Housing

The Biden administration has started to grant states’ requests to utilize Medicaid funding to pay for nonmedical but health-related needs like groceries and housing support in order to decrease the need for medical intervention.

Liberal Cities Across the Country Forbidding Police From Making Certain Traffic Stops

Leaders in multiple states and cities are embracing efforts to bar police from pulling drivers over for certain less-severe traffic violations, a move that some experts believe endangers public safety.

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