World Economic Forum Hosts ‘Climate Crisis’ Summit in New York City as UN General Assembly Kicks Off

The Clinton Foundation is also convening in the same town.

  • This week, the 77th annual UN General Assembly is taking place in New York City, as the city also played host to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Clinton Foundation summits.
  • The WEF began its “Sustainable Development Impact Meetings” to allow leaders to share plans on advancing its Great Reset agenda.
  • WEF is partnered with financial and media institutions to advance their plan that eliminates individual rights and national sovereignty, allegedly based on the need to stop climate change.
  • video for the conference featured Al Gore and investment group BlackRock’s official Pamela Chan, who pushed the WEF’s plan to put an end to climate change.
  • “The extreme weather events that the scientists have long connected to the climate crisis are becoming far more frequent and far more destructive,” Gore warns in the 52-minute video.
  • “Younger generations are demanding a sense of purpose. They want to look at a company and say, ‘I am investing with you all for this reason,” Chan, a WEF Global Leader and Global Shaper, also says in the video.
  • This video comes just weeks after a report indicating stable arctic ice levels for the last decade called into question climate change alarmism.
  • Ice coverage for July and August has remained at the ten-year average of 2010–20, which is in contradiction to some politicians’ predictions that the Arctic would be ice-free by now.
  • But experts say that it’s reasonable to conclude that the summer of 2022 saw more ice than the ten-year average because the seasonal Arctic melt is now officially over.
  • Sea ice levels were significantly higher than the previous few years and above the ten-year average on the majority of days in July and August.
  • The WEF has made bold claims about what they think the future should look like, including their recent declaration that owning a car is “wasteful.”
  • WEF is looking for a way to end private car ownership, asserting that because most cars are hardly driven, a universal model of ownership would take consumers away “from owning to using” their cars.
  • The group also claimed in mid-July that “climate change” and the “decline of democracy” are linked and that ignoring progress toward a “low-carbon economy could put democracies in greater economic peril, not less.”