World Economic Forum Calls Owning a Car ‘Wasteful’

The WEF wants to put an end to private car ownership.

  • The World Economic Forum (WEF) is looking for a way to end private car ownership, calling it “wasteful” and suggesting renting every time there is a need for a vehicle.
  • According to a recently published paper, the leadership of the WEF argued that too many individuals own private vehicles than is healthy for the planet.
  • The group asserts that because most cars are hardly driven, a universal model of ownership would take consumers away “from owning to using” their cars.
  • The Forum believes the end of private ownership is necessary and may be applied to everything from cars to private residences to even architectural ideas for entire cities.
  • “The average car or van in England is driven just 4% of the time,” the WEF paper sets out. Instead of having vehicles sit idle, sell your car and walk or share because “Car sharing platforms such as Getaround and BlueSG have already seized that opportunity to offer vehicles where you pay per hour used.”
  • “A design process that focuses on fulfilling the underlying need instead of designing for product purchasing is fundamental to this transition,” the WEF goes on to say. “This is the mindset needed to redesign cities to reduce private vehicles and other usages.”
  • The WEF is joined by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in pushing for a decrease in oil consumption by asking global governments to cut supply to citizens.
  • The group is reportedly put together a 10-point plan to drive “changes in the behavior of consumers.”
  • In order to avoid a “climate crisis,” the group wants to force people “out of private cars because they are the biggest offenders for emissions.”