Video: Police Forcibly Arrest Grocery Store Owners for Refusing To Enforce Face Masks

Police in Australia forcefully arrest grocery store owners because face mask regulations were not followed inside the business.

The owners of organic supermarket argued that face masks are “unhygienic.”

Victoria and her husband at The Organic Store in Bowral. Source: Instagram

Police were seen holding shopkeeper Victoria outside the Organic Store grocery in Borwal, New South Wales, before aggressively throwing her into the back of a police vehicle, while her husband pleaded with authorities to stop.

Shortly later, the husband was also detained.

Here are the details on the arrest from

A 62-year-old woman was arrested for refusing to provide police with her details and another woman, a 61-year-old customer, was arrested for not wearing a mask in the store.

The 62-year-old was later released however the 61-year-old was issued with a $200 penalty infringement notice for not wearing a face covering in a place of business. 

According to, “Police said they observed employees and customers not wearing masks and were told by those people that they did not plan to fall in line with the directive.”

Masks aren’t enforced in the store because they “are unhygienic and in an open food store, (organic store) it isn’t safe,” according to an Instagram post from the Organic Store, which also included more footage.

The store noted on the uncleanliness of the facial coverings in another Instagram post last week:

“Our reasons are clear…(1) Hygiene – mask wearers constantly touch them. Are they 3 min, 3 days or 3 months old! We are an open food store. Not appropriate. (2) Depleted O2 could result in fainting or worse in store. Not pleasant. (3) We like to hear our customers requests and see their happy faces. Not muzzle them. (4) Simple really. Not law.

Another Instagram post shows a placard outside the store instructing customers who have gotten the Covid-19 vaccination to wait 10 to 14 days before returning to the store.

According to Evelyn Rae of The Caldron Pool, the pair is scheduled to appear in court in August on accusations of “hindering police” and “assault” against the husband.

“No COVID-related charges were laid against the couple,” reports Caldron Pool.