Vice President Harris Announces $1.5 More in Aid For Ukraine

Vice President Kamala Harris announced an additional $1.5 billion in aid for Ukraine at the Switzerland Peace Summit over the weekend.

“This war remains an utter failure for Putin,” Harris said during a meeting with Zelenskiy. “It is in our interest to uphold international norms.”

According to the vice president’s office, the $1.5 billion includes $500 million in new funding for energy assistance and the redirecting of $324 million in previously announced funds toward emergency energy infrastructure repair.

“These efforts will help Ukraine respond to Russia’s latest attacks on Ukraine energy infrastructure by supporting repair and recovery, improving Ukraine’s resilience to energy supply disruptions, and laying the groundwork to repair and expand Ukraine’s energy system,” her office said.

She also announced more than $379 million in humanitarian aid to help the people of Ukraine with food assistance, health services, shelter, and water, sanitation and hygiene services.

The taxpayer-funded aid comes after last month a Fox News poll found that 55% of Americans are not planning to take a summer vacation amid soaring costs this year.

The poll also noted that 84% of Americans say gas prices are a concern for their family.

Eighty-nine percent of poll respondents said they were frustrated by high grocery prices.

Health care and utility costs are other issues plaguing Americans, with 44% responding that each is a major problem.