Poll Finds Americans Are Not Planning Summer Vacations Amid Inflation

A Fox News poll found that 55% of Americans are not planning to take a summer vacation amid soaring costs.

Of those who are not leaving home for the summer, 73% said they lack the funds to do so, while 15% do not have time.

The issue is not divided by political party, as 56% of Republicans, 52% of Democrats, and 60% of Independents said they were not planning to travel this summer.

When the question was last asked in 2010, 51% of respondents said finances were a factor.

Of those who are planning to travel over the summer, 72% said they were affected by higher costs.

The poll noted that 84% of Americans say gas prices are a concern for their family.

Eighty-nine percent of poll respondents said they were frustrated by high grocery prices.

Health care and utility costs are other issues plaguing Americans, with 44% responding that each is a major problem.