Twin Cities See Staggering Drop in Restaurant Sales Since Implementing COVID Vax Green Pass

Restaurant owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul claim that the introduction of vaccine passports has resulted in a 40% drop in sales.

  • Restaurant owners have reported massive losses in business since the introduction of vaccine passports in Minneapolis and St. Paul, according to Summit News.
  • Business owners went so far as to sue authorities for their choice to put the vaccine passes into effect.
  • A court ruled against business owners who claimed the mandate was too much for their businesses and was proven wrong by the staggering drop in revenue.
  • Some in the hospitality business have asserted that residents are avoiding city locations and opting for suburban or rural areas.
  • “Unfortunately when the vaccine-or-test mandate went into effect we saw a 30% drop in our Minneapolis locations overnight,” said Craft and Crew Hospitality co-owner Luke Derheim. “I think a lot of people want to come to St. Louis Park, Minnetonka and Hopkins because there’s less regulation if they’re vaccinated or not.”
  • Bunny’s Bar and Grill assistant general manager Jason Rackner expressed similar worries to KTSP, saying, “With the mandate especially, business is down anywhere between 30-40%.”
  • Another business owner called the mandate a “calculated and purposed to attempt to prod the general public toward vaccination” at the expense of small businesses’ livelihoods.
  • Investigations by experts in Spain discovered that vaccine passports had no impact on COVID-19 transmission rates, and might even make it worse, according to The Telegraph. Another study in the UK found similar results.
  • Vaccine passports are a “disguised” form of mandated vaccines, the French Minister of Health admitted in December according to Summit News.
  • American Faith reported how video footage showed Italians eating potluck style in the streets, a caption indicating the gesture was a protest against vaccine passports required at restaurants.