San Francisco to Ban Gas-Powered Furnaces, Water heaters

San Francisco Bay area will phase out natural gas-powered furnaces and water heaters starting in 2027 to improve air quality and public health.

Majority of U.S. Voters Believe Climate Change is a ‘Religion’ Disconnected from Reality: Survey

A survey shows that the majority of U.S. voters believe climate change is a religion about power and control, while Greta Thunberg deletes a tweet warning of the potential end of humanity due to climate change.

Biden’s Energy Secretary Says U.S. Can ‘Learn From China’ On Climate Policy

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said Friday that everyone could “learn from” China when it came to climate policy while speaking at the South by Southwest festival.

‘Jesus Revolution’ Grosses More Than 4 Oscar Nominees…Combined

After only two weeks in release, a little Christian film called Jesus Revolution has grossed $30.5 million, which is a better domestic take than five of this year’s Best Picture nominees.

The Federal Reserve’s Magic Trick: Big Tech

Now you see it … maybe soon you won’t.

Japan Births at Record Low

In 2022, Japan saw 1.58 million people die and recorded 799,728 births.

Native American Tribe Illegally Blockades Roads, Hostages Wisconsin Residents

A Native American tribe has erected illegal barricades on the only roads leading to the homes of approximately 65 Wisconsin families, leaving them stranded and unable to leave.

Republicans Allege Biden Admin Wants to Create ‘Surveillance-Style’ U.S. Dollar

House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-MN) believes the Biden administration is "currently itching to create a digital authoritarian-style, surveillance-style digital dollar through an executive order.”

How the Western Hemisphere Became the Leftist Hemisphere

It’s not just the United States that’s being pulled (or is it pushed?) to the left.

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