Biden to Commit to Decade-Long Support for Ukraine at G7 Meeting

At the G7 meeting in Italy on Thursday, the US and Ukraine are anticipated to sign a bilateral security agreement that will specify the...

‘Reverence for Life’ – American Minute with Bill Federer

Albert Schweitzer was born January 14, 1875, in a village in Alsace, Germany. The son of a Lutheran-Evangelical pastor, he won acclaim at playing the organ. He...

24 Hour Fitness Welcomes Pride Symbols as ‘Freedom of Expression’

An internal memo from 24 Hour Fitness dated from May 2023 has circulated on social media, revealing the center implemented a policy that banned patriotic symbols.

Historic Cathedral Displays Pride Lights

A historic Episcopal cathedral in New York City has displayed Pride lights.

California Owes $52.7 Million to Federal Government Over False Medicaid Claims for Non-Citizens

Due to false Medicaid reimbursement claims for non-citizens made by Gov. Newsom's administration, California owes the federal government $52.7 million. According to a recent inspector...

Black Americans’ Perceptions of Racism Influence Beliefs in Conspiracy Theories, Says Pew Study

According to a study by Pew, the majority of Black Americans claim to have routinely or occasionally encountered racial discrimination. According to them, it...

C.S. Lewis – American Minute with Bill Federer

His death went unnoticed, as he died the same day John F. Kennedy was shot. His books are some of the most widely read in English literature,...

Luxury Apartment Building to Open For Homeless in Los Angeles

A luxury tax-payer funded apartment building is reportedly expected to open to provide housing for the homeless in Los Angeles.

Al Jazeera ‘Journalist’ Held Three Israeli Hostages in His Home in Gaza

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have confirmed that Abdallah Aljamal, an Al Jazeera "journalist," was holding three Israeli hostages in his home in central Gaza.

Unemployment Increases in May Jobs Report

The May jobs report released by the Labor Department revealed the unemployment rate unexpectedly jumped to 4% last month.

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