House Oversight Launches Investigation Into FEMA’s Response to Maui Wildfire

"Serious questions that remain unanswered today."

Louisiana Wildfire Declared To Be Intentionally Set

Louisiana officials announced that the state's wildfire was deliberately set, although authorities have not released details of the Tiger Island Fire's origin.

385 People Still Missing in Maui Despite Democratic Gov. of Hawaii’s Claim of 100

The number of people on the official list of those missing from the Maui wildfire has remained nearly unchanged from last week at 385.

Over 150 People Arrested on Arson Charges for Greek Wildfires, Media Previously Blamed on ‘Climate Change’

Previously, the media blamed the wildfires, which have forced numerous evacuations across the nation, on so-called "climate change," which has replaced the "global cooling" narrative prevalent just a few decades ago.

Maui County Sues Hawaiian Electric For Causing Wildfire

The local government in Maui has sued the Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) this week after claiming the business caused the deadly wildfire earlier this month.

Wildfire Causes Mandatory Evacuation of Entire Southwestern Louisiana Town

Louisiana is currently experiencing a record-breaking number of fires in August.

Maui County Takes Legal Action Against Local Power Utility Following Deadly Fires

These fires are considered the deadliest in the nation over the past 100 years, taking 115 lives with roughly 400 individuals still unaccounted for.

Biden Falls Asleep During Ceremony Honoring Maui Fire Victims

During a somber ceremony in Lahaina, intended to comfort the fire survivors and commemorate the losses experienced, President Joe Biden seemed to momentarily lose focus.

1 in 4 Students Missing as Maui Schools Reopen After Devastating Fire

Alarming absence rates raise concerns.

Hawaiian Company Claims Request For Water To Fight The Deadly Fire Was Delayed By Government

A company in Hawaii claims that it was delayed for hours to help put out the deadly fires that devastated the island while a government agency, led by a man who has pushed for "water equity," consulted with local farmers. 

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