Why the Productive Middle Class Leave California

A bullet-pointed primer of 15 simple points.

Why Gavin Newsom Faces a Recall Election in California

In 2019, still settling into his new home in the state’s creepy, gothic governor’s mansion, Gavin Newsom told an Axios interviewer, “California is what America is going to look like.” Then, perhaps reflecting on his Hollywood benefactors, he added for emphasis, “California is America’s coming attraction.”

California counties with highest vaccination rates also have highest delta infection rates

The Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “delta variant” is spreading like wildfire in areas with high “vaccine” compliance, new reports indicate.

Trump vindicated? California to spend billions to clear out forests, remove wildfire fuel

California officials plan to spend billions of dollars to thin tens of millions of acres of forests in the Golden State, in hopes that doing so will restrict fuel for forest fires, especially during the state's hot and dry summers.

California’s Devastating Wildfires and God

-Previously published Op-Ed for: Foxnews.com  The term “scorched earth” is usually one we associate with a military policy that targets anything that may be useful...

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