Tennessee State Police Estimate Up To 3,000 People Attended Matt Walsh ‘Rally To End Child Mutilation’

Tennessee state police estimated that the crowd at Daily Wire host Matt Walsh’s “Rally To End Child Mutilation” drew up to 3,000 people in attendance, overwhelmingly supporting the cause.

Embattled Kanye West hires Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez

Kanye West has hired Johnny Depp’s fierce attorney who helped him beat ex-wife Amber Heard’s defamation suit, according to a report Friday.

‘Hunter Is Innocent’: Jill Biden Defends Stepson During Federal Probe

First lady Jill Biden has insisted her embattled stepson Hunter is “innocent” and has broken no laws amid an ongoing federal investigation

Major COVID-19 Vaccine Maker Says mRNA Cancer Vaccines to Be Available ‘Before 2030’

The husband and wife duo who helped create the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine proclaimed that messenger RNA (mRNA) cancer vaccines are being worked on and aren’t far off.

Hunter Biden Made $40M Deal with Russians While Joe was VP

The money was for a real estate deal with a Russian billionaire.

Kanye West: God Can Use Imperfect People?

The internationally renowned singer-songwriter and fashion designer Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) shook the fashion world in Paris last week by showcasing models with T-shirts that read simply, “White Lives Matter.”

Mark Wahlberg Says He Left California for Nevada ‘to Give My Kids a Better Life’

Action star Mark Wahlberg has said goodbye to Hollywood and moved his family to Nevada, a simple choice he said made “to give my kids a better life.”

Parents Demand Church of England Schools Immediately Stop Trans Policies Affecting Kids as Young as 5

Christian parents have urged the Church of England to change the guidance for its 4,700 primary schools that allows students as young as 5 to self-identify as the opposite sex.

Seven Days of Mayhem: Random Killings Expose Lethality of Democrat Crime Policies

A college dad shot by two homeless men high on drugs and long sought by police.

Federal Judge Declares Mandated Workplace Pronouns, Unisex Bathrooms Unlawful

A federal judge in Texas has issued a ruling that prevents federal mandates from imposing pronouns and unisex bathrooms on employers. In State of Texas v Equal Employment Opportunity...

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