Chinese Communists Subsidized Trips For Western Journalists For Over 25 Years—CNN, NPR, WaPo, NYT, Reuters, ABC, NBC

Among the outlets sending journalists to participate in the trips are The New York Times, The Washington Post, National Public Radio (NPR), CNN, Reuters, POLITICO, and more.

Vax Manufacturers Make Combined $18.6 Billion So Far in 2021

Coronavirus vaccine sales projected to earn drug companies $60 billion by year's end.

Your ‘Fur-Babies’ Are Not A Good Or Healthy Replacement For Human Babies

Replacing babies with pets stifles a person’s capacity to give and receive love, as it wrongly directs our greatest earthly affections toward ourselves.

Nikki Haley PAC off to solid start with $5.5 million in first six months

Nikki Haley raised nearly $5.5 million into a political action committee established in mid-January to boost Republican candidates in 2022 and expand her political operation as the former ambassador mulls a 2024 presidential bid.

Biden insists rich Americans will still have ‘two homes and their jets’ despite tax hike

President Biden said his tax proposal is not about 'punishing anybody'

America’s richest boosted their fortunes by $195 billion in Biden’s first 100 days

US President Joe Biden wants the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share of taxes, but it turns out they have become one of the main beneficiaries of his presidency.

Wealthy Would Be Able to Dodge 90 Percent of Biden Capital Gains Tax Increase

The left is positively drooling at the prospect of soaking $1.7 trillion out of the pockets of the rich. They can feel that money against their soft hands as if it were already there.

IRS data proves DEMOCRATS are party of the rich

Dems now pushing for measure that would benefit 'the 1%'

Biden To Propose Raising Taxes On Wealthy And On Capital Gains To Fund Childcare

President Joe Biden will roll out a plan to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans and their investments to fund about $1 trillion in childcare, universal pre-kindergarten education and paid leave for workers, sources familiar with the proposal said.

Wealthy Americans, corporations about to learn Biden’s definition of ‘fair share’ of taxes

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Monday that President Biden is focused on making wealthy individuals and corporations pay their “fair share” in taxes as talks heat up on Capitol Hill about how to pay for new spending priorities in areas like infrastructure and climate change.

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