Trump Plans Massive Fundraiser Showdown with Biden at Madison Square Garden

Former President Donald Trump, reportedly “jealous” of President Joe Biden’s recent fundraiser in New York City, is planning his own bigger and better event at Madison Square Garden, according to sources close to him. Following Biden’s record-breaking $26 million fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall, Trump aims to organize several significant fundraisers to rival his 2024 opponent.

Sources familiar with Trump’s plans revealed that he intends for his fundraisers to be inclusive, catering to people of all financial backgrounds rather than just the wealthy. “Trump is planning several big fundraisers to compete with Biden’s Radio City big-buck haul,” said one insider. “He wants it to be available to all levels of people and not just $100,000 donors.”

Proposed venues for Trump’s events include Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium, offering ticket prices ranging from $100 to $500,000, with a possibility of a $1 million ticket to surpass Biden’s fundraising figures.

However, as of Tuesday morning, Madison Square Garden has not confirmed any booking from the Trump organization. “We do not have any events scheduled with the Trump organization at this time,” the venue stated.

President Biden’s recent fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall boasted appearances from former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, alongside celebrities like Mindy Kaling and Stephen Colbert.

Biden’s campaign has been successful in fundraising, reportedly amassing over $155 million, significantly surpassing Trump’s campaign contributions, which amounted to approximately $42 million.