Voter Rolls

Watchdog: 515 Voters Registered Twice in Six Minnesota Counties

Six counties across Minnesota have more than 500 duplicate registrations on their voter rolls, an election watchdog group alleges in multiple complaints. This week, the...

Joe Biden: Mass Immigration, Changing Demographics Making America ‘So Much Better’

President Joe Biden celebrated mass immigration to the United States at the White House on Friday, saying the constant flow of millions of illegal...

Report Indicates The 2024 Election Election Tampering Could Be Starting Right Now In Plain Sight

The FBI raid on Trump’s home isn’t just about prosecuting the former president for Jan. 6, it’s about fixing the next presidential election.

Ballot Drop Boxes Banned by Wisconsin Supreme Court

The court ruled in a 4-3 decision Friday.

Voter Integrity Groups Being Targeted by the State

Some states appear to be punishing election watchdogs.

‘True The Vote’ Presents Ballot Drop Box Findings to Arizona Lawmakers

The group recorded close to 5,700 drop box visits in two of the state's largest counties in the weeks leading up to the 2020 election,

Bill Martinez: How Much Is Enough?

We the People have a critical and binary decision to make.

DeSantis Signs Election Integrity Bill Into Law

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law instituting a range of sweeping election reform measures in Florida.

Are Democrats and Joe Biden Up to Their Old Election Tricks?

Over the last 16 tortuous months of the Biden presidency, it’s become clear that the Democrats are running on empty.

Pennsylvania Must Release Records Pertaining to a ‘Glitch’ That Allowed Non-citizens on Voter Rolls

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania must release its records pertaining to a “glitch” within its Department of Transportation that allowed non-citizens to register to vote in the state for decades. In 2017, authorities discovered an “error” in the computer system of Pennsylvania’s department of transportation “non-United States citizens applying for or renewing a driver’s license to register to vote in the Commonwealth.”

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