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Federal judge rules in favor of Gov. DeSantis’ mask mandate ban

The federal court comes a week after a state appeals court similarly backed the Florida mask mandate ban.

More than 11% of US households are home-schooling: Report

More than 11% of households in the United States are home-schooling rather than sending students to public or private institutions, according to census data.

The Great Parent Revolt

As overreach in classrooms by progressive school administrators, nonprofits and the federal government has reached new heights, parents are stepping up to fight back.

No Mask? No School for You!

conjuring images of that classic Seinfeld episode called “The Soup Nazi,” where a small take-out restaurant owner made the most delicious soup in all of Manhattan.

Number of Families Homeschooling Soars as Parents Find Their Kids Performed Well at Home

As many schools across the country prepare to reopen this year, the number of parents opting to homeschool their children has surged in the wake of COVID-19 school lockdowns.

Health of Children Receiving Virtual Learning Could Be Worsening: CDC

Children learning remotely or in a hybrid setting are more likely to experience worse emotional and mental health, as well as less movement, time spent with friends, and being outside than children who go to school, according to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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