New York Rejects Green Energy Development

New York's state government rejected requests from wind energy developers to renegotiate contracts amid inflation.

Biden Admin. Issues Restrictions on Gas Furnaces

The Biden administration announced its latest regulatory action targeting popular home gas-powered furnaces last week.

Chicago Allocates $29M for Migrant Base Camps

The city of Chicago has finalized a contract exceeding $29 million with private security company Garda World to establish and oversee base camps aimed at sheltering migrants.

Biden Admin Developing ID for Illegal Immigrants

The Biden administration is reportedly developing an identification card, known as the 'ICE Secure Docket Card,' for migrants entering the U.S. unlawfully.

Maui County Sues Hawaiian Electric For Causing Wildfire

The local government in Maui has sued the Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) this week after claiming the business caused the deadly wildfire earlier this month.

Maui County Takes Legal Action Against Local Power Utility Following Deadly Fires

These fires are considered the deadliest in the nation over the past 100 years, taking 115 lives with roughly 400 individuals still unaccounted for.

1 in 4 Students Missing as Maui Schools Reopen After Devastating Fire

Alarming absence rates raise concerns.

Maui Water Management Official Delayed Resource Approval for Five Hours

Deputy Director of Hawaii's Commission on Water Resource Management M. Kaleo Manuel delayed responding to a request to divert stream water to fill reservoirs for firefighting.

Incandescent Light Bulbs to Be Banned Starting August 1

A federal ban on incandescent light bulbs is set to begin on August 1.

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