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House Republicans Consider Proposal Defunding the WHO

Republicans on the House Committee on Appropriations are considering a budget proposal that would end funding for the World Health Organization (WHO).

Sen. Johnson Protecting American Sovereignty Against World Health Organization Overreach: ‘No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act’

"Americans remain skeptical of continuing infringements on personal liberties and freedoms," Johnson's press release reads. "The legislation would provide more transparency in WHO agreements and a constitutional check on the administration."

Another ‘High-Altitude Airborne Object’ Shot Down In Canadian Airspace

The binational organisation protecting US and Canadian airspace has shot down another “high-altitude airborne object” over northern Canada.

Biden Explains Balloon Takedown Delay

President Joe Biden says he gave his authorization to shoot down a Chinese high altitude balloon a day after he was first briefed on the suspicious device, which was hovering over sensitive US military sites, but defense officials convinced him to wait until it was safe for people on the ground.

Biden snaps at reporter, falsely claims Capitol rioters killed a police officer

Biden spoke at a press conference after his meeting with Putin, addressing questions as to what the two men discussed, and what penalties there might be for incursions on US sovereignty.

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