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Biden Admin, Israel Received Multiple Warnings Ahead of Devastating Hamas Attack

A CIA communication on October 5th further emphasized the heightened risk of violent actions by Hamas.

CIA to Use AI for Easy Access to Public Data

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) plans to implement an AI program to allow for easier access to information.

Burisma Founder Believed to Be Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Asset

Burisma Holdings founder Mykola Zlochevsky is believed to be an asset of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), according to an anonymous national security source.

Chinese Cybersecurity Entities Accuse CIA of Orchestrating Color Revolutions Globally

The Chinese report also claims that the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center and cybersecurity firm 360 have discovered Trojan horse programs or plug-ins related to the CIA in recent cyberattacks targeting China.

Did Biden’s ‘Disinformation Campaign Help Rig the Election in His Favor?’: Ron Paul

Democrats and mainstream media were "kill the story of how they killed the story of the Biden laptop," says Dr. Paul.

Did Biden Steal The Election?

(Ron Paul, Ron Paul Institute) Move over Watergate. On or around Oct. 17, 2020, then-senior Biden campaign official Antony Blinken called up former acting...

Swedish Investigation Into Nord Stream Explosion Finds State Actor Likeliest Culprit

The explosive used was most common among governments and their militaries.

The Nord Stream-Andromeda Cover Up

Back in 2000, the television series “Andromeda” premiered, based upon unused material from Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the Star Trek series and franchise.

Republicans Demand Ukraine Aid Oversight

The House Oversight Committee demanded on Wednesday that the Pentagon, State Department and US Agency for International Development prove that the $113 billion in military and economic aid allocated to Ukraine isn’t being lost to “waste, fraud, and abuse.”

Biden’s Defense Secretary Not Taken Seriously, Ignored by China

Despite reaching out to Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe through a special crisis line, the Chinese official declined the call, leaving Austin's efforts unanswered.

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