Former President Trump Set to Receive National Security Briefings

US intelligence officials revealed that former President Donald J. Trump will receive briefings on classified national security matters after securing the GOP presidential nomination, according to sources.

The Biden administration plans to share intelligence with Trump despite ongoing legal battles. The Department of Justice has indicted Trump in two federal cases, one alleging he retained classified documents after leaving office, a practice typical for former presidents, and another claiming he attempted to subvert the government while in power.

President Biden initially barred Trump from receiving classified briefings in 2021, citing concerns about his “erratic” behavior. However, sharing such intelligence is a standard practice between current and former US presidents.

Although constitutional requirements don’t mandate sit-down briefings, administrations typically brief candidates from both major parties on critical national security issues, a tradition upheld for 72 years. These briefings typically occur after the national conventions in late summer, overseen by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and authorized by the White House.

Douglas London, a former CIA case officer, warned that withholding intel from Trump could have repercussions for the intelligence community. He cautioned that such a decision might negatively affect their relationship with someone who could potentially return to power in the future.

Trump has frequently criticized intelligence agencies, accusing President Biden of weaponizing the Department of Justice against him for political gain.

A senior US intelligence official emphasized that rebuilding Trump’s trust is a top priority for intelligence agencies. Trump’s briefings will follow a similar format to those given to previous presidential candidates, the official stated.