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Donation Page for Young Girl Murdered By Venezuelan Illegals Surpasses Goal in Just Hours

The GoFundMe page for Jocelyn Nungaray, the 12-year-old Texas girl who was murdered by two illegal Venezuelans, surpassed its goal just hours after it was created.

Venezuelan Illegal Immigrants Charged With Murdering Young Girl in Texas

Two Venezuelan illegal immigrants have been charged with murdering a young girl in Houston, Texas.

New Border Directive: Biden Allows Entry for Migrants from “Challenging” Nations, Bypassing Daily Asylum Cap

Contrary to a recent policy that limited the number of asylum applicants allowed into the country to 2,500 per day, the Biden administration gave...

British Columbia-Washington Border Crossings to Quadruple

Data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) suggests that border crossings between British Columbia and Washington are set to quadruple from 2021.

‘Gotaway’ Migrants Surge 340%

The number of "gotaway" illegal immigrants has surged under the Biden administration by more than 340%.

Biden Funds Border Security for Foreign Countries, Excludes U.S.

The recently passed $1.2 trillion budget bill allocates a significant amount of funds for overseas border efforts.

Illegal Alien Previously Convicted of Child Sexual Assault Arrested Again in Texas

Border Patrol agents have arrested an illegal immigrant previously convicted of sexually assaulting a child in Uvalde, Texas this week.

Migrants Mock Helicopter Crash Claiming Soldiers’ Lives

A military helicopter crash near Texas' southern border claimed the lives of two soldiers and one Border Patrol agent.

Residents Alarmed as Smugglers Navigate Open Northern Border

Human smuggling cartels have established sophisticated operations to bring migrants into the United States through the open border with Canada, as per a recent...

Authorities Confirm Deaths of Five Marines in San Diego Helicopter Crash

Authorities confirmed on Thursday that the five U.S. Marines aboard a military helicopter that crashed in the mountains near San Diego had died. The CH-53E...

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