Brazil’s Military Leaders Expected to Release Evidence of Corrupt Election

The information is likely distributed later this week.

Who Is the Real Threat to Democracy?

We hear the lament from the Left continually, even more so as election season dawns, and endlessly as election day approaches: “If you vote...

Republicans Release Report Claiming Manipulation, Abuse Within FBI and DOJ

House Republicans released a new report alleging politicization in the FBI and Department of Justice.

Tucker: Biden Is Describing the Soviet Version of Democracy


Tucker Carlson Doubts Legitimacy of Brazil’s Socialist Victory

Tucker Carlson is questioning the legitimacy of leftist candidate Lula da Silva's win in Brazil's election.

Former Fox Anchor Shepard Smith’s CNBC Show Canceled

Former Fox News anchor Shepard Smith’s CNBC show was canceled by the cable news network on Thursday, according to the outlet, a little over two years after its debut.

Tucker Carlson: Isn’t This Supposed to Be a Meritocracy?


Spain To Adopt Most Extreme Transgender Law: Minors To Change Gender Without Parental Consent

Spain is set to adopt the world's most radical transgender law, allowing minors to change their gender without the consent of a parent.

Vermont School Suspends Female Student for Opposing Allowing Males in Girls’ Locker Room

A middle school in Vermont has suspended a female student for opposing biological males in her locker room.

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