Tucker Carlson

NSA Investigating Whether It Spied on Tucker Carlson

The National Security Agency (NSA) announced an investigation into allegations raised by Tucker Carlson, that the agency spied on the Fox host.

Senate Passes $1 Trillion ‘Infrastucture Bill’

The Senate passed Biden's $1 trillion infrastructure bill on Tuesday with the help of 17 Republicans when much of the bill "has nothing whatsoever to do with infrastructure."

Election Workers Scored Thousands of GA Ballots Rejected by Voting Machines, Hand-Picked Votes

Machines act smart. But sometimes they can be really stupid.

‘We are Fighting for National Identity and Traditional Christianity’: Prime Minister of Hungary

"[W]e are an example that somebody or a country which is based on traditional values, on national identity, based on tradition of Christianity."

‘Stop The Shot’ Townhall Featuring Experts Reveals Dangers Of COVID Vaccines

A recent townhall titled "Stop the Shot...The Rest of the Story" was hosted by LifeSite and the Truth For Health Foundation, an organization that offers a "faith-based integrated [approach] to medical treatment, health, and healing services" and provides "truthful, balanced, medically sound, research-based information."

CNN’s Don Lemon condemns man calling rival Tucker Carlson ‘worst human’ while shopping with family

Lemon said he might have to defend the rival show host because "I would not want it to happen to me."

Brit Hume on ‘absolutely staggering’ Capitol riot revelation

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Heckler Confronts Tucker Carlson: ‘Worst Human Being Known to Mankind’

A fishing guide confronted Fox News host Tucker Carlson at a fly fishing shop in Livingston, Montana on Friday.

CNN Bureau Chief Says ‘Carrot’ is No Longer Working in Drive to Vaccinate Americans

Suggests authorities should start threats of punishment.

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