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Kellyanne Conway: Biden’s Debate Performance an ‘Unforgivable Disgrace,’ Trump’s Successes Highlighted

Kellyanne Conway criticized President Biden and his allies for his poor performance in Thursday’s presidential debate, labeling it a “disgrace.” “There is no breaking news...

Poll Finds 49 Percent Want Biden to Drop Out Following Debate

49 percent of those surveyed believe that the Democrats should replace President Joe Biden after his lackluster debate performance Thursday night.

Biden vs. Trump: Reflecting on an Alternate 2020 Election Outcome

As Americans prepare to vote this November, the prospect of a rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden looms large. This scenario prompts reflection...

Donald Trump Jr. Rallies for Leading Montana Republicans, Urges Support for Conservative Agenda

Former President Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., took the stage on Sunday at a "Protecting Freedom" event in Montana, rallying support for...

Arizona Grand Jury Indicts Republicans for ‘Falsely’ Declaring Trump Beat Biden in State Popular Vote

An Arizona grand jury indicted 18 Republicans for "falsely" declaring that Donald Trump beat Joe Biden in Arizona's popular vote during the 2020 presidential election.

Trump Wins Big on Super Tuesday

Former President Donald Trump defeated Nikki Haley in more than a dozen states on Super Tuesday, gaining significant ground towards the 2024 Republican nomination. 

Haley Claims She’s Drawing Voters to the Republican Party

GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley says she's staying in the race because she's "weakening" front-runner Donald Trump, and drawing more people into the Republican party.

Trump Sweeps Nevada GOP Caucuses

Former President Donald Trump won in Nevada’s Republican presidential caucuses on Thursday, marking his fourth consecutive win in different state contests.

Trump Wins Iowa Caucuses

Donald Trump won the Iowa Caucuses on Monday night with 51% of the vote.

UFC CEO Dana White Tells Off Sponsor When Asked To Delete Social Media Post About Trump

UFC President and CEO Dana White said he told one of the sponsors for his organization off when the unnamed company told him to remove a post on his personal social media account that included former President Donald Trump.

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