Russia Pulls Troops Out of Frontline City of Kherson

Russia's Defense Minister withdraws military from the right bank of the Dnieper River, including the regional capital of Kherson in an attempt to avoid loss among its force and spare the lives of civilians.

Russia Not in Talks With U.S. Over Ukraine – Deputy FM

Russia is not engaged in negotiations with the US over Ukraine, a senior Russian diplomat said on Tuesday, signaling, however, that Moscow remains completely open to talks with Kiev.

United States Sending $275 Million of Military Hardware to Ukraine Ahead of Midterms

Department of Defense is drawing on U.S. military stock to send Ukraine another $275 million in weapons and ammunition

GOP Lawmakers Call on Biden Administration to Reverse COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate as ‘American Hero’ Faces Discharge

A group of Republican lawmakers are calling on the Biden administration to reassess the U.S. Coast Guard’s policy for “religious exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccination order,” which will likely force the involuntary discharge of a service member whom President Joe Biden thanked last month for his “heroic work.”

Republicans Should Slowly Back Away From Ukraine

Attention: This disclaimer informs readers that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to...

Putin Rules Out Further Major Strikes on Ukraine for Now

There is currently no need for additional large-scale missile strikes on Ukrainian targets, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday.

Jan. 6 Committee to Subpoena Trump

The committee has returned to televised hearings after summer break.

Putin: Mobilization of Russian Troops ‘Will Be Completed Within About Two Weeks’

"This work is already being completed. Now 222,000 men out of 300,000 have been mobilized. I think that all mobilization activities will be completed within about two weeks," Russia's president said.

Troops Warn of Extreme ‘Woke’ Culture Harming Military

Devastating effects particularly for those in special operations.

Russian Foreign Ministry Compares Ukraine to ‘Worst Terrorist Cells’—Putin Promises More Retaliation

Maria Zakharova called Ukraine’s recent attack on Crimean bridge a "continuation" of old policy. From TASS: Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on Tuesday compared Kiev’s...

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