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Trump Trial Judge Admits It’s ‘Impossible’ for Him to ‘Factor Out My Own Emotions’

"Am I following the law or am I making the law? I’m an impartial referee but it’s impossible for me to factor out my own emotions," Engoron said in a speech at the City University of New York in 2015.

Trump Says There’s No Formal Process to Declassify Docs

Trump says a president can declassify documents "even by thinking about it."

Hunter Biden Ex-partner Tries to Avoid Starting Prison Sentence, Prosecutors Object Strenuously

Devon Archer throws up several more appeals trying to avoid the prison sentence, asset forfeiture he received last month.

SCOTUS Sends Texas Abortion Case to Court That Supported Ban

The U.S. Supreme Court sent the case over Texas' six-week abortion ban to a federal appeals court Thursday, just six days after the justices declined to overturn the ban while allowing opponents to continue with part of their challenge.

Band ‘Rage Against the Machine’ Sides with Establishment Media on Rittenhouse Trial, Bashes ‘Whiteness’

'90s band Rage Against the Machine tweets Rittenhouse trial outcome a sign of "whiteness" casting "itself as the victim."

Rittenhouse Trial Judge Bans MSNBC from Courtroom after Producer Follows Jurors (Video)

MSNBC producer James Morrison was stopped by police while allegedly trying to follow a van bringing jurors to courtroom.

Texas Urges Supreme Court to Let Abortion Law Stand

Texas officials on Thursday urged the U.S. Supreme Court to leave in place the nation's strictest abortion law and reject calls by the Biden administration to intervene, Bloomberg reports.

Court Rules Against Bayer in Roundup Cancer Trial Appeal, Cites Monsanto’s ‘Willful’ Disregard for Safety

The appeals court said Monsanto had not shown that federal law preempted claims made by plaintiffs Alva and Alberta Pilliod, who in 2019 were awarded a combined $87 million after lawyers argued years of using Roundup weedkiller caused them both to develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Maxine Waters: Chauvin Trial Judge ‘Way Off Track’ with Appeal Remarks — ‘He Knows That There Was No Interference with the Jurors’

Saturday, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) appeared on CNN’s “Newsroom” to respond to remarks from Judge Peter Cahill near the close of the Derek Chauvin trial last week about Waters’ call for confrontation over a potential outcome in the trial.

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