6 ‘Noncompliance’ Strategies for Protecting Kids and Teens in 2023

Since 2020, parents have had to contend with increasingly brazen efforts by governments, schools, foundations, Big Tech, Big Pharma and others to hijack, injure or destroy children’s minds and bodies.

How Modern Medicine Fails to Protect Children From Chronic Disease

Modern medicine has become too insular and reductionistic. Our children deserve medical care that takes a larger view of health beyond infectious diseases. Our...

IRS: We Apologize, Your Tax Refund Is Delayed

The big retirement bill that the House passed this week, known as Secure 2.0, has several provisions that would mean more taxpayers can get Roth money into their nest eggs—and in some cases mandates Roth contributions.

‘Americans Have Been Trained to Hate Putin, and Will Suffer Because of It’: Tucker Carlson (Video)

Even Biden admitted that energy prices are about to go up.

Marines Describe ‘Sham’ Religious Vax Exemption Process

Marine Corps officers seeking religious exemptions from the COVID-19 vaccine told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the process for vetting their accommodation requests is a “sham.”

In Defense of CRT, College Professor Declares ‘Whiteness Is a Disease’

Video: the University of North Carolina's Chuck Egerton adds that "racism is a symptom of the disease of whiteness."

85 Things You Can Do To Help The United States Shake Wide Awake

We don't need a majority. Revolutions never have. We need a minority of Wide Awake Americans to coalesce, to see, judge, and act.

US Falls Into 4 Traps Set by the CCP in US-China Talks

In short, the U.S. side fell into four traps set ingeniously by the CCP during the talks.

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