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Washington D.C. Not Punishing Youth Crime: ‘Kids Are Kids’

Juvenile offenders cannot be incarcerated beyond their 21st birthday.

Virginia Governor Pardons Father Who Protested School Board That Covered Up Daughter’s Sexual Assault

Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) pardoned a father over the weekend for being wrongfully convicted for defending his daughter's sexual assault by a "gender-fluid" boy at school.

Mayor Eric Adams Says Illegal Immigration Will ‘Destroy’ New York City

Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams said illegal immigration will "destroy" New York City.

Steve Bannon Advocates for Trump to ‘Get Kennedy as a Running Mate’

On his podcast "Bannon's War Room" Steve Bannon pushed for a Trump/Kennedy ticket for the 2024 presidential election.

U.S. Health and Human Services Admits No Childhood Vaccine Has Undergone Pre-Licensing Safety Studies, Robert F. Kenendy Jr. Proves (Watch)

"Of the 72 vaccine doses now mandated essentially mandated—they recommended, but they're really mandated for American children—none of them, not one, has ever been subject to a pre-licensing placement-controlled trial," Kennedy's lawsuit against HHS confirms.

RFK Jr. Says He Would Sign ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban If Elected

"If we can get a consensus on it, if Republicans and Democrats agreed and it passed Congress, I would sign it,” Kennedy stated.

Biden’s New CDC Director Vigorously Pushed COVID Masks, Vaccines, Lockdowns, Contact Tracing, Child Compliance

She told citizens to answer phone calls from government employees and answer questions regarding personal health information.

Chris Christy to Make 2024 Presidential Bid Tonight

He is slated to officially declare his presidential bid in a town hall meeting at Saint Anselm College, New Hampshire, on Tuesday night.

AOC Heckled, Booed at NYC Town Hall

AOC’s Town Hall Becomes Chaotic as Attendees Express Frustration with Democratic Policies

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez held a meeting that turned chaotic Friday night in Queens, New York. 

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