United Nations Investigating Alleged ‘War Crimes’ Committed by Iran, Israel

The United Nations (U.N.) announced that it is investigating “war crimes” committed by both Israel and Iran, claiming it had “serious evidence” that both countries violated international law.

‘Migrants Are Being Raped at Mexico Border as They Await Entry to U.S.’: Reuters

A Venezuelan migrant, Carolina, shared her harrowing experience with Reuters.

CIA’s MK Ultra Inhumane Experiments on Indigenous Children and African American Prisoners Unveiled: ‘Horrific’

CIA created environment evoking “the spectre of the resocialization, rethinking, and brainwashing camps of totalitarian societies.”

Toddler and Parents In Prison For Life After Possessing a Bible In North Korea

A-two-year old North Korean and the toddler’s parents have been sentenced to life in prison after a Bible was found in their possession. 

Biden Admin to Begin Denying Asylum

The Biden administration is to begin denying asylum to those at the southern border who have not first applied online or sought asylum in a country they passed through.

Democrats Introduce Bill To Protect ‘LGBTQ’ Illegal Immigrants From Being Detained

Democrats have introduced a bill that gives special privileges to any illegal immigrants who are considered "vulnerable."

Charlie Kirk: The Don Lemon Outrage Exposes the Vile Hypocrisy of Liberal Feminism

By now, Don Lemon must be feeling thoroughly chastised.

Biden Administration Says Russia Committed ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ In Ukraine

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said Russia committed “crimes against humanity” in Ukraine in a Saturday statement, vowing to hold Russia “accountable” for murder, torture and rape.

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