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Texas AG Ken Paxton Breaks Fundraising Records Amid Controversial Impeachment Proceedings

The financial success was unveiled in a statement from Paxton's office, which criticized the impeachment as a "sham and illegal" affair.

Texas AG Ken Paxton Pushes Back on His Impeachment: ‘Illegal’ and ‘Politically Motivated’

"I am beyond grateful to have the support of millions of Texans who recognize that what we just witnessed is illegal, unethical, and profoundly unjust. I look forward to a quick resolution in the Texas Senate, where I have full confidence the process will be fair and just," says AG Paxton.

Texas AG Launches Investigation Into Hospital Providing Gender-Transition Care for Minors

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is conducting an investigation into an Austin hospital for "potentially illegal activity" pertaining to its provision of gender-transition care to children.

Texas AG Launches Investigation into Covid-19 Vaccine Manufacturers for Misrepresentations, Gain-of-Function Research

"The catastrophic effects of the pandemic and subsequent interventions forced on our country and citizens deserve intense scrutiny, and we are pursuing any hint of wrongdoing to the fullest."

Texas AG to Halt Most of Citigroup’s Municipal Offerings on Gun Law Row

Citigroup Inc (C.N) has discriminated against the firearms sector, the office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said, making a decision that "has the effect" of Texas halting Citi's ability to underwrite most municipal bond offerings in the state.

Texas AG Sues Biden Over Immigration Rule

Ken Paxton sues Biden administration over new immigration rule relaxing definition of 'public charge' for immigrants

Texas AG Investigating Hospital for Denying Parental Access to Teen’s Medical Records

The Houston hospital denied access to records of children aged 13-17.

Texas AG Assists With Protection for Unvaccinated Federal Workers

Paxton's office joined the Florida-led brief headed for the Ninth Circuit.

Texas AG Ken Paxton Sues Google Over Biometric Data Collection

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced that the Lone Star State will bring a case against Google over the unauthorized collection of biometric data from users without their informed consent, in the latest of a long string of legal cases brought by the Texas AG against the tech giant.

Judge Blocks Joe Biden’s Attempt to Force Texas Hospitals to Perform Abortions

A federal judge has blocked Joe Biden's attempt at forcing Texas hospitals into performing abortions beyond just life-saving situations.

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