Republican Ron Jonson Wins Key Wisconsin Senate Seat

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson defeated Democratic Lt. Gov. Mandela Barns in a highly-contested Senate seat for Wisconsin.

Biden Worried ‘Lifetimes’ Will Be Changed If Democrats Lose Midterms

President Joe Biden says generations could be changed if Democrats don't win the midterm elections.

Biden Keeps Promising to Make Energy More Expensive. Believe Him.

Yes, we’re going to make energy more expensive.

U.S. Oil Producers Enjoy Most Profitable Six Months Ever

They reaped a windfall of hundreds of billions of dollars since February, according to the report.

Corporate Donors Favor Dems in Midterms Despite Party’s Stance Against ‘Dark Money’ in Politics

Donations from corporations and big business across many sectors of the economy have favored the Democratic Party in the 2022 election cycle.

Herschel Walker: ‘The Biggest Threat to the Democracy Is Joe Biden Being in the White House’

Herschel Walker responded to President Joe Biden’s speech a night earlier proclaiming the “extreme MAGA element of the Republican Party” was a threat to democracy.

Examples of Biden Manipulating Conservatives

The White House released a statement articulating why the Republican goal of reversing current economic policies would make inflation worse.

Justice Roberts Delays Trump Tax Document Transfer to House Committee

The court issued a temporary order Tuesday.

Americans Look For Inflation-Proof Investments as Financial Situations Deteriorate Ahead of Mid-Term Elections

It seems that every day continues to bring more bad news about the future of the economy and the state of Americans’ financial health.

Georgia Citizens Will Now be Able to Sue Election Officials

The Supreme Court of Georgia made the ruling on Tuesday which followed the state code for legal standing, as opposed to the federal code.

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