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Got Kids? Texas State Rep Proposes 100% Property Tax Credit for Married, Opposite-Sex Couples With 10 Children

Texas state Rep. Bryan Slaton, a Republican, has put forward a proposal to provide a property tax credit to married, opposite-sex couples, with up to a 100% credit for couples with enough kids.

Indiana Lawmaker Introduces Plan to Defund IRS

"The Inflation Reduction Act would hit Americans with billions in new taxes and subject them to pointless and invasive IRS audits."

Biden to Call on Congress to Pass Three-Month Gas Tax Holiday

President Joe Biden is planning to call on Congress on Wednesday to pass legislation that will establish a federal gas tax holiday for three months as part of the administration's effort to lower prices at the pump.

SCOTUS Rejects Attempt by Blue States to Get Tax Cuts for the Rich

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected an attempt by Democratic-led states to get a massive tax cut for the rich.

IRS: We Apologize, Your Tax Refund Is Delayed

The big retirement bill that the House passed this week, known as Secure 2.0, has several provisions that would mean more taxpayers can get Roth money into their nest eggs—and in some cases mandates Roth contributions.

IRS Data Proves Trump Tax Cuts Benefited Middle, Working-Class Americans Most: Heartland Institute

Latest income data published by the IRS proves all income brackets benefited substantially from the Republican tax reform law, especially working and middle-income filers.

W. Virginia gov. signs law eliminating sales tax on guns and giving tax break to gun mfgs.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice signed a bill removing the sales tax on gun and ammunition purchases across his state.

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