W. Virginia gov. signs law eliminating sales tax on guns and giving tax break to gun mfgs.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice signed a bill removing the sales tax on gun and ammunition purchases across his state.

Justice, a Republican, signed H.R. 2499 into law, removing the sales tax on guns and ammunition while also providing tax credits for gun manufacturers, according to Bearing Arms.

Republican Del. Gary Howell, the bill’s primary sponsor, applauded the governor’s decision and said the new law will make his state a stronghold for the Second Amendment.

“In 90 days West Virginia will become the single best place for small arms and small arms ammunition manufacturers to locate,” Howell posted on Facebook. “I would welcome all small arms and ammunition manufacturers to move to Mineral County, West Virginia.”

According to his description of the new law, gun manufacturers in West Virginia may no longer have to pay any state taxes, including those on gun manufacturing equipment used to produce firearms or ammunition.