NYPD Arrests 15-Year-Old Suspect in Times Square Shooting, Highlights Public Safety Vigilance

A 15-year-old suspect, Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figueroa, an illegal immigrant from Venezuela, was apprehended by U.S. Marshals after being accused of shooting a tourist in...

9-Year-Old Jewish Boy Threatened With Knife in Brooklyn

A Jewish 9-year-old boy was allegedly threatened with a knife as the suspected shouted “I will kill you, Jew,” in what is the latest antisemitic incident in New York City, according to the New York Post.

Man Charged With Hate Crime After Punching Jewish Woman

A man has been charged with hate crime assault after allegedly punching a Jewish woman.

‘Life-Threatening’ Flooding Hits New York City During Wettest Day on Record

Life-threatening flash flooding hit the New York City area Friday as remnants of Tropical Storm Ophelia pummeled the heavily saturated region with several inches of rain in mere hours.

NYPD Deploys Robot Police in Times Square Subway Station

The New York Police Department (NYPD) has deployed a police robot in the Times Square subway station.

Marine Veteran Daniel Penny Indicted After Subway Incident

A New York City grand jury indicted 24-year-old Marine veteran Daniel Penny after the death of Jordan Neely, a homeless man reportedly harassing people on a subway.

Former Marine Daniel Penny Gives First Interview Since Jordan Neely’s Subway Death

Ex-marine Daniel Penny gave his first interview since the death of Jordan Neely in a New York City subway on Saturday.

Fundraiser for Ex-Marine Daniel Penny’s Legal Case Brings in Nearly $2 Million

A fundraiser for subway rider Daniel Penny has raised nearly $2 million in just a few days.

Marine Veteran Charged With Manslaughter

U.S. Marine veteran Daniel Penny turned himself in for the murder of Jordan Neely, a mentally-ill homeless man who had allegedly been yelling threats before he was placed in a chokehold by Penny and two other individuals.

Democrat Billionaires Funding Activist Group Behind Jordan Neely Protests

Liberal billionaires have reportedly been the donating force behind the communist-linked group protesting the death of Jordan Neely.

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