Chinese Government Bans Prayer App

The Chinese government banned the app from being downloaded in the country, removing it from the Apple App Store.

Tucker Carlson Faces Derision Over His Reaction to European Shopping Cart System

Tucker Carlson is drawing ridicule after expressing wonder at a commonplace practice in Europe – the use of locks on shopping carts – which...

House Republicans Urge GOP to Protect Constitutional Rights as Congress Considers Reauthorizing Government Surveillance Program

Thirty House Republicans sent a letter to House leadership, calling for them to protect Second and Fourth Amendment rights as the House considers reauthorizing a government surveillance program.

Oregon Health Officials Confirm Bubonic Plague

Health officials in Oregon have confirmed a case of the bubonic plague in the state, believed to be contracted through contact with an infected...

Teenage Illegal Migrant Arrested After Times Square Shooting

A teenage illegal immigrant who shot a woman at a Times Square clothing store Thursday night before opening fire on New York City police officers was arrested Friday afternoon following a manhunt. 

Target Removes Black History Month Product After Getting Facts Wrong

Target recently confirmed it was removing one of its Black History Month products due to misidentifying three civil rights leaders.

E. Jean Carroll Trial Against Trump Postponed

Donald Trump's civil defamation case against E. Jean Carroll was postponed this week after one juror and a parent of one of Trump's lawyers reported feeling ill.

Former President Trump Delivers Pizzas To Chilled Iowa Firefighters

Former President Donald Trump demonstrated yet another gesture of goodwill on Saturday by delivering pizzas to the hardworking members of the Waukee Fire Department...

New mRNA Vaccine to Be Needle-Free

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) is partnering with Jurata Thin Film, Inc. (Jurata) to create a thermostable mRNA vaccine film that will be delivered under the patient's tongue.

Venezuelan Illegal Immigrants Steal From Macy’s Store in Chicago Suburb

Two illegal immigrants from Venezuela living in Chicago were arrested last week for allegedly stealing merchandise from a Macy’s in Oakbrook, Illinois.

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