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Stock buybacks boom as corporate cash piles grow

The Delta variant is keeping more companies cautious about how to invest the mountains of cash they have at their disposal. That hesitancy has led, in part, to corporate spending on stock buybacks outpacing capital expenditures this year.

The ‘Science’ of Climate Change

The science surrounding COVID has been hijacked for political purposes. People who recovered from the disease are pushed to get vaccinated, even though they...

Inflation surges as prices spike 5.3 percent, settling at high pace

Inflation continued to surge in August, but appeared to settle at nearly the fastest pace in almost 13 years as the economy continues to emerge from the pandemic, the feds said Tuesday.

Defense contractors generated $7.35 trillion since 9/11

Like many human tragedies, 9/11 was great news for defense contractors. Over the course of the past 20 years, they've brought in a stunning $7.35 trillion in revenue, according to a Defense News database. The overwhelming majority of that money came from the Pentagon.

US markets trending upward on last trading day of the week

For week, stocks up, market volatility collapsed as investors concerns eased about inflation, tighter monetary policy.

US Services Sector Unexpectedly Plunges In June As Manufacturing Survey Hits Record High

Despite the serial disappointment in hard economic data, 'soft' survey data has continued to soar in 2021 but analysts expected today's Markit PMIs to retrace some of those gains.

What lumber and gold prices tell us about the stock market’s next move

Commodities have an effect on stocks but the one to watch is platinum.

Bonds, Black Gold, & Big-Shorts Bid As Bitcoin Breaks Down

The most-shorted meme stocks continued to charge higher today...

Biden’s America: Poll Shows American Economic Confidence Crashed Back to Negative in May

Inflation at a 13-year high, gas shortages, a jobs report that missed the mark by nearly 500 percent — is there any reason to feel economic confidence in President Joe Biden’s administration?

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